Stop telling women to smile


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is a Brooklyn artist who tried something new to speak up for herself—and address street harassment—through art.

Mostly known for her oil paintings, her latest work focuses on what woman want to say to pests, putting a face to the stories that otherwise fall into silence every day.

She interviews the women. She takes their photos. Then, creating a sketch from the photo, she designs a poster to be pasted somewhere in the city, trying to stay close to where the women live or where street harassment takes place.

The main message women want clueless men to understand is simple: we're not grateful for it. We didn't ask you. We have other things to pay attention to, besides you. We are not here for you. We owe you nothing, not the slightest courtesy, and certainly not a smile.

Learn more about her work at Stop Telling Women to Smile.