Ted Cruz sore that NY Times won't let him cheat his way onto best-seller list


Ted Cruz must not have a lot of confidence in his new book, A Time For Truth. Rather than let the book makes its way to the top on its own, he and his publisher Harper Collins resorted to sneaky tactics to ensure high sales. They paid people to buy the book.

In essence, The Times accused Cruz's publisher of trying to buy its way onto the bestseller list by having a firm like Result Source hire thousands of people across America to individually purchase a copy of A Time For Truth, in the hope that some of those retailers are on the secret list of booksellers who report their sales to the Times, or that the aggregate purchasers will simply be too high for the Times to ignore.

Conservatives are furious with The New York Times, saying it should be okay for the presidential hopeful to buy his way onto the Bestseller List. The NYT, however, says they have "uniform standards" they follow and these standards don't include enticing book consumers with cash. A Time for Truth? Hardly.