Satire: Frito Lay CEO mistakes twitter for google search

"A Series of Tweets from the CEO of Frito Lay that He Meant to Type into the Google Search Bar"

Update: an earlier version of this post failed to indicate that the linked item was satirical and not really the Frito Lay CEO. Boing Boing kinda regrets the error. Read the rest

There Is Such a Thing As a Free Lunch

On Crooked Timber, John Quiggin has been rehearsing the arguments from an upcoming book called "Economics in Two Lessons," and the latest installment asks why, if there's no such thing as a "free lunch," we're not all still living in caves? Read the rest

Humble Game Making Bundle: name your price for amazing game dev tools

Joel writes, "Humble Bundle is currently offering a massive amount of game development tools for a very tiny price. Several game engines, art tools, asset packs to help make your games, and more are all in the pack for $10-12." Read the rest

Video of grass waving in the wind is entrancing. Seriously!

Gissur Simonarson shot this in Gjerdrum, near Oslo, Norway. WAY more interesting than watching grass grow. Read the rest

Amazing photos of jazz legends

Photo and print dealer Limited Runs is touring a fantastic collection of jazz photos from the archives of Metronome, an influential music magazine that published from 1881 to 1961. Read the rest

Best drone aerial photos of the year

Dronestagram and National Geographic posted the winners of their "2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest." Read the rest

Cthulhu amigurumis

Barcelona's Mari Axel creates many delightful crocheted and knit lovelies, including a whole range of Cthuloid amigurumi: Cthulhu, Steampunk Cthulhu, Minion Cthulhu; Multicolored Pastel Cthulhus, and many more. Read the rest

Gun Dog: “Part dog, part gun, all cop!”

It's rather a long way to go for this shot, but what a shot it is.

Little girl not particularly pumped to be on this amusement park ride at all, actually

“Wheeee.” Read the rest

Solution to synthetic marijuana killing people might be to legalize actual pot which does not

Just sayin'.

Maybe the rise we see in #ADHD diagnoses is partly caused by kids not getting enough sleep

In children, symptoms of sleep deprivation include hyperactivity and impaired interpretation of social cues.

New episode of Circuit Playground - electronics for kids

Here's episode 6 of Circuit Playground, a charming show that teaches kids about electricity. It's produced by our friends at Adafruit. In this episode, Ladyada teaches Adabot about electrical grounding.

Read the rest

With its sonar-reflective leaves, this carnivorous plant is saying to bats “please poop on me.”

Fun with poop and bats and flesh-eating plants of the Pacific.

Moxie Marlinspike profiled in WSJ. Obama thinks secure messaging apps like the one he built are “a problem.”

The Wall Street Journal just discovered what some of us have known for a long time: Moxie Marlinspike is really cool, and the work he does is important. Read the rest

Terrifying proposal for airplane seating

What's worse than cattle-class? Cattle-class in a honeycomb of face-to-face seats where you're knee-to-knee with a sneezing stranger's halitosis. Read the rest

Clear plastic padlock for recreational lockpicking practice

I've taken a couple of lockpicking workshops. It was supremely rewarding when I successfully opened a lock using lockpicking tools. Here's a transparent padlock that shows you how the internal components work, making it easier to learn how to pick locks. It comes with 2 keys, but you need to buy the lockpicking tools separately. It's $(removed) on Amazon.

By the way, my friend John Park is going to be giving the mother of all lockpicking workshops at our upcoming Weekend of Wonder extravaganza on September 18-20 in Riverside, CA! Register here to join us.

Read the rest

Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao resigns. Co-founder Steve Huffman takes over.

The embattled interim CEO of Reddit, who became all the more embattled after the sacking of a popular admin left unpaid mods outraged, is leaving the company. Read the rest

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