Outraged that a Taco Bell lacks WiFi, woman pulls knife on teen boys


In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, things escalated quickly at a local Taco Bell when Amber Henson discovered the fast food restaurant's WiFi wasn't working.

Police say she chose to take out her anger on a couple of teenagers. She's accused of dumping water on a teenage boy inside the restaurant.

Things quickly escalated when that same boy and another teenager walked outside. Henson was waiting for them and she had a knife.

She allegedly told the teenagers, "If you want some of me, come on."


But wait, it does get even better.

Henson left the scene, without anybody getting stabbed. Still, she was tracked down on Thursday, thanks to the power of social media.

Officers posted pictures of Henson on Facebook and received a positive ID from the public. Police say they tracked Henson down and took her into custody.

She had the knife in her sock.

At the time of this blog post, Taco Bell's WiFi and food still suck.