Wi-Fi Range Extender with touch screen

You don't need to use a computer to set up this Wi-Fi range extender. Just follow the instructions on the touchscreen. It also comes with a USB file sharing port. It's $(removed) on Amazon. Read the rest

Cool Canadian cop defuses potential road rage fight

"Come on, boys."

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Mother of twins put an FAQ on their stroller

Uncanny Anny made an FAQ about her young twin girls and took a photo of it attached to their stroller.

Yes, they are mine. Yes, they are twins Yes, both girls No, not identical Yes, I know they look alike though Yes, I’m sure they aren’t identical Conceived by f**ing Born via C-section You have twins in your family? “Great” They don’t run in my family … until now Yes, my hands are full (sometimes with 2 glasses of wine just to get through) Yes, triplets would be harder

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Woman in wench costume captures sword thief at Colorado Renaissance Festival

22-year-old Connor Ward allegedly tried to swipe a sword at the Colorado Renaissance Festival when two women in costume chased after him. A woman dressed as a wench got him in a headlock until security guards arrived and handed Ward over to police. Photos on Facebook. Read the rest

America's transgender military ban to be phased out

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter released a statement today confirming that America's "current regulations regarding transgender service members are outdated and are causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions." Read the rest

Trump threatens to "kick El Chapo's ass," then calls FBI when El Chapo returns threat

Yesterday Donald Trump boasted on Twitter that he would "kick El Chapo's ass." When the recently escaped Mexican drug lord (or someone pretending to be him) tweeted back to Trump that he'd "make you eat all of your goddamn words," Trump complained to the FBI that he was being bullied. Read the rest

Boy Scouts lift gay leadership ban

The Week: "Boy Scouts of America unanimously voted to end its ban on gay scout leaders. The new rule is effective immediately." Read the rest

I finally 3D printed something useful

We have two 30-year-old poolside chairs. They might be 40 years old. They are excellent metal chairs with adjustable backs. The problem was that the plastic sliders on the bottom of the legs had long ago disintegrated, leaving nothing but bare metal. So, when my wife or kids dragged the chairs across the concrete, the legs would make a brain-curdling screeching sound. I had been thinking about making wooden plugs to stick into the hollow legs like corks, but then I realized I could easily make custom sliders with my 3D printer. Read the rest

Jumping Jacks for Jesus: a most excellent '80s TV workout program

A Christian exercise program from the 1980s in which a Southern lady promises to exercise your soul, as well as your behind. Read the rest

Watch Adam Savage and astronaut Chris Hadfield cosplay at Comic-Con

Every year, our friend Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested walks the Comic-Con floor completely disguised by his costume and makes a video about it. This year, he was joined by astronaut Chris Hadfield and they both wore spacesuits like those in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Read the rest

Bloom County to return for 2016 election cycle

It's been 25 years since Berkeley Breathed retired from writing and drawing Bloom County, but in a new Facebook post, he indicates that the 2016 election cycle is too tempting an occasion for satire to sit out. Read the rest

Watch these swooping paragliders skim across water in style

Competitive canopy piloting has added a remarkable event where pilots get points for skimming their feet across a shallow water feature and landing within a small square. Points are given for precision and style. Read the rest

Gorgeous and colorful vaulted murals of Rotterdam's Markthal

Rotterdam wanted to honor the history of its public market by creating a space that felt open even though it was enclosed. The resulting Markthal has a beautiful vaulted ceiling adorned with bright murals of food. Read the rest

What happens when wells run dry in California's drought?

Filmmaker Katherine Espejo has been documenting how the increasingly grim drought is affecting her home town in Central California, focusing on parts of East Porterville, where some wells have begun running dry. Read the rest

Flash Dice – Magically control six dice inside an opaque box

I’ve recently discovered the line of cool pocket-size magic tricks made by Tenyo, a Japanese company founded in 1960 that has gained a cult following among amatuer magicians. Tenyo magic tricks are original, clever, and easy to perform.

One of my favorite Tenyo tricks is Flash Dice. It consists of a plastic box and six dice. You can do a number of effects with it. For instance you can put the dice in the box randomly, close the lid, give the box a shake, then lift the lid to reveal that the faces of the dice are arranged in order from 1 to 6. Another shake randomizes the dice, and another reveals the dice are arranged in order from 6 to 1.

Another trick you can do with Flash Dice: Give one of the dice to the spectator and ask him or her to set it on the table with any number they wish facing up. You put the other five dice in the box with random numbers facing up, place the lid on the box, and shake. When you lift the lid, all the dice will show their chosen number.

My 12-year-old says this is her favorite magic trick ever, and Carla (editor of Wink) can’t figure out how it’s done, and she is very hard to fool.

Flash Dice By Tenyo

$(removed) Buy one on Amazon

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Texans brace for Jade Helm 15, massive federal military exercise

About half of Texans are concerned about Jade Helm 15, this week's federal military exercise across the American southwest. Many conspiracy theories advanced by right-wing groups have driven these concerns. Read the rest

Dispatch from Planet Comic-Con

A lapsed nerd comes home.

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