Australian woman imprisoned in Abu Dhabi for Facebook post

Did you know that if you post a photo of a car parked across two disabled spaces in Abu Dhabi you can go to prison for "writing bad words about a person?" Jodi Magi, 39, did not know that. The Australian woman posted the photo to her Facebook page and even obscured the license plate number on the car. But that didn't matter to authorities. She was fined $2,700 and offered to pay, but when she tried to leave the country Abu Dhabi authorities turned down the offer and insisted that she go to court.

At this point she was arrested and taken away in a police van.

"No one's talking to me. No one's telling me what's going on," she told the Australian broadcaster, ABC, from the back of the van.

"They were about to put me in male lock-up and then they turned me away and no one knows what to do with me. I'm pretty scared."

It is still unclear how long Ms Magi will remain in custody.

What do you bet the car in the photo belongs to a powerful person in Abu Dhabi? But, it's good you're locking up Jodi, Your Honor. A real good thing. And tomorrow… tomorrow's gonna be a… real good day!