Robot-staffed "Weird Hotel" in Japan unveiled today


Imagine checking into a hotel with a robotic dinosaur receptionist behind the front desk. You then hand your bags over to the bell-bot, or trolley robot that takes them to your room. Welcome to the Weird Hotel, or Henn na Hotel in Japanese. Unveiled today to reporters, the hotel will open to the public on Friday in Sasebo, Japan (a part of Nagasaki). The dinosaur receptionist mentioned above, who speaks English, will share the front desk with a female humanoid who blinks and speaks Japanese. The hotel also uses facial recognition instead of keys, and has a "doll-like hairless robot" working as concierge to answer simple questions about the goings-on in the area. There are a few human employees, including the bed-makers and some hidden security folks monitoring the cameras. At $80 per night, and no tips, it seems like quite the bargain for Japan. For more details, click here.