Shower Game will not make you feel clean at all


Ever pooped in the shower? If you play Shower Game, you probably will.

This bizarre interactive take on morning water rituals was created by Increpare—otherwise known as Stephen Lavelle—a developer best known for releasing small, free, very weird game experiences, and Shower Game is no exception.

It takes place entirely (to my knowledge) inside a shower, where you find yourself standing naked, surrounded by bottles of bizarre personal products. Most of the fun revolves around picking up and playing with them to see what they do; one gel toggles on "sexy hair," while a bottle of an undefined substance reverses gravity.

And of course, there's the poop, which you can jam down the drain, or launch outside the shower to potentially interesting effect. If that sounds appealing to you, Shower Game awaits, as do over 200 other games on Increpare's website.