Huge, futuristic 3D printed mech-tank

Singaporean toymaker Michael Sng made Boudicca, a T1 Training Colossus — a 3D-printed robot tank with 400 custom parts and servos controlled by an Arduino.

The $5,000, 20" tall kinetic sculpture is the first product from Sng's new Machination Studio, with many more promised in the imaginary world of these battlemechs.

The exterior features crew, LED lighting, realistic battle scars, and an incredible level of detail down to the last hand-painted rivet. Searchlights scan, and guns rotate, aim, and recoil, all while crawling along on its hexapodal armored legs. At upwards of $5,000, this is not for your ordinary kid, although more accessibly priced versions may be on the horizon.

Why pour so many hours of painstaking work into a project this ambitious? Sng's goal was to make the "best toy in the world", and one way to achieve this is to learn every aspect of the craftsmanship involved. This first prototype robot tank is one part of a larger plan for the brand, and Sng's future plans include adding more accessible kinetic toys and perhaps more "traditional" toys to the brand. He also hopes to continue the Colossus line and fully develop the backstory.

3D Printed Giant Miniature Walking Robot Tank
[Cully Meier/Make]

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