The SENSE-ation no-pull dog harness works miracles


This no-pull dog harness turned my Great Pyrenees into a perfect gentleman! It also may have saved my rotator cuff.

Nemo is very large. He means well, but when we walk he wants to sniff things the stops and starts were like I'd dropped an anchor. I'd been using a Martingale collar to walk him, a modified and less aggressive version of a choke chain, and while it worked OK he certainly didn't enjoy being dragged by the neck. My regular dog sitters introduced us to the SENSE-ation harness and he was instantly transformed.

The SENSE-ation harness is two loops, one around the dog behind the shoulders and legs, the other crosses the chest. Leading from the chest, the dog is free to walk with almost no pressure or guidance. When the dog moves out of line he is gently stumbled by the harness and quickly moves back into line.

Nemo learned to use the harness almost instantly and clearly prefers it. It feels like he is walking off-leash and I rarely have to correct him. On the few occasions I have had to CONTROL MY DOG, like when he was rushed by a snarling German Shepard, the SENSE-ation harness makes pulling him away simple. Nemo now walks next to me, keeping the pace I set and almost never pulling.

I used to get some serious shocks to my shoulder when he would abruptly stop to smell something, that is also no longer the case. I am a huge fan of this harness.

SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness via Amazon