The World Burns: a prepper blogger survives the apocalypse

In The World Burns, the folks best suited to surviving an apocalypse will be bloggers? Oy vey.

Blake is a blogger. He writes about homesteading and all sorts of awesome survivalist how-to stuff. Life is lonely though, and he doesn't realize how great he has it, until an EMP destroys society as we know it! Screw Google Analytics! Blake has met a girl, and they have got to survive!

This freshman novel by Boyd Craven is a fast read. The World Burns has all the usual problems of self-published Kindle-fare, but it kept me laughing, and turning pages. Lots of grammatical errors, typos and a few perspective shifts that confused me, consider yourself forewarned.

That said, this is a worthwhile read. Craven develops the characters well in this first-in-a-series story, there are already several more installments. The fact the lead is a BLOGGER makes me howl. The prepper/survivalist stuff may or may not be accurate, but it makes mostly logical sense to me.

The World Burns: A Post-Apocalyptic Story via Amazon