Need a new reason to hate Donald Trump? His speaker fee is a quarter million bucks


Donald Trump earns roughly $250,000 per speech, and owes $265 million (maybe more) in debt.

He gets $110,000 a year from a Screen Actors Guild pension, and he has at least $1.4 billion in assets.

The New York Times digs in to Trump's financial disclosure form, filed with the Federal Election Commission last week and released on Wednesday.

Like Mr. Trump's favorite adjective, "huge," his disclosure form is mammoth, clocking in at an astonishing 92 pages, far longer than from anyone else in the 2016 presidential field.

It shows that Mr. Trump holds executive-level positions or financial stakes with 515 entities from New York to Dubai to Brazil.

When he filed the disclosure, he said in a news release that his wealth was over "TEN BILLION DOLLARS," using the capital letters. It was not immediately clear whether the document would corroborate that figure. Mr. Trump's net worth is a source of consternation: in a legal deposition, he once declared that it can fluctuate with his feelings.

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