Kickstarting a volume of feminist bicycle zombie science fiction

Elly writes, "We're running a Kickstarter to try to give the feminist-bicycle-scifi-about-zombies genre a big leg up."

Pedal Zombies is the third volume of "Bikes in Space" feminist sf anthologies, which were of very high quality — making the risk of this kickstarter not delivering, or of it delivering something subpar, very low. $10 gets you a copy of the book and some "Zombie rights!" stickers.

We at the ZLA have compiled this book of the best, most representative stories of current attitudes about zombies, and are presenting it to the world so that we all, living and undead, of all gender identities and racial and class backgrounds, can discuss our relations and future and hopefully bring a peaceful end to the present conflict. Together, we believe that we can produce a better world than the living alone were ever able to.

13 authors have submitted original short pieces, each of which illuminates a different aspect of The Situation as they understand it. Some essays are historical in nature, others are futuristic, yet others are apocryphal; there is also a section of book reviews that you may find invaluable. Styles and perspectives vary widely; our goal is not to define the present troubles singularly, but to open up a conversation.

Pedal Zombies: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction [Elly Blue/Kickstarter]