Teenage baseball player has amazing at-bat routine

This high school baseball player in Japan sure has panache at the plate! Read the rest

Don Joyce of Negativland, RIP

Experimental musician Don Joyce, a key member of collage sound collective Negativland, has died at age 71. Joyce was a committed copyfight activist and artist who coined the phrase "culture jamming." Read the rest

LeRoy Grannis – The most awesome surf photographer of the 1960s and 1970s

Taschen's retrospective, LeRoy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s, is a big, beautiful book of surf photography from one of the pioneers in the field. An essay by Surfer magazine editor Steve Barilotti traces Grannis' life and work from his start as a hobbyist to his retirement, with plenty of anecdotes, quotes, and history in between. Like many Taschen books, the essay is translated and reprinted in both German and French in the first section of the book. However, different photographs illustrate each version of the essay, making it worth a look even if you don't happen to read the languages.

Once past the introductory essay(s), the book is broken into two main sections: California and Hawaii. The California photos show us long board riders catching tubes and smaller waves, as well as the beach lifestyle. It's these latter photos that make the book so interesting to me. Grannis captured California surfing right as it was entering pop culture. The photos here, of the beach, of the cars, of the rising competitiveness, and of the burgeoning fashion scene act as both history lesson and museum exhibition for a time familiar only through reruns of Gidgit on late night TV.

The Hawaii section follows the same footsteps, only the waves are bigger, the wipeouts more spectacular, the lifestyle more mainstream. The history is present, too, as we see the beginnings of big wave surfing, with helicopter rescues and oh-so-many broken boards. There is, though, a lack of fame and celebrity in this section. Read the rest

Kickstarting a volume of feminist bicycle zombie science fiction

Elly writes, "We're running a Kickstarter to try to give the feminist-bicycle-scifi-about-zombies genre a big leg up." Read the rest

Patent troll is killing networked sex toy industry

Thanks to a patent troll, dildos won't be allowed to have sex with fleshlights! Annalee Newitz at Gizmodo delivers the bad news: Read the rest

Throwback Thursday: My friends and I used to own a comedy club

There were shows 6 nights a week. The theater was my home.

Deformed mutant daisies photographed near Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan

Just when you'd forgotten about all that leaked radiation.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off reading glasses

A couple of weeks ago I bought a 4-pack of normcore reading glasses, which are fine, but I just found out about these Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off reading glasses. I've been wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-off prescription glasses since the 1980s, and I love them, so I also bought a 5-pack of these reading glasses on Amazon for $(removed) Read the rest

China gives outlaw artist Ai Weiwei his passport back. Finally. For now.

Chinese art-provocateur whose work so very consistently pisses off the Chinese government, says he was given back his passport this week after being barred from traveling abroad since he was detained in 2011 in Beijing.

Universal's agents send Google a censorship demand for "" is the "loopback" address for your Internet stack, the address you tell your computer to visit when you want it to talk to itself. Read the rest

Why magenta doesn't appear in the rainbow

Steve Mould's colored flashlights (sometimes called "coloured torches" in distant lands) are useful props in this excellent 5-minute lecture on color mixing. I learned that magenta is not a color. Rather, it is the absence of green.

[via] Read the rest

How your feet help you sleep

The bottoms of your feet contain blood vessels right below the skin surface. When exposed to cool air, this will lower your body temperature, making you sleepy. So stick a foot (or both) out of the covers and sleep better.

But, as one YouTuber points out, "what if the monster eats my foot away?

Read the rest

How to finish a conversation at a party

Chris Colin, co-author of What to Talk About: On a Plane, at a Cocktail Party, in a Tiny Elevator with Your Boss's Boss has simple suggestion for extricating yourself from a small-talk conversation you no longer what to have.

From Atlas Oscura:

"Whether you’re having a lovely conversation or a crappy one, I think that the way to get out of either is identical," he says. "My approach is to look them in the eye with a big smile and say, 'It’s been so nice talking with you.' And then you just do a hard pivot and you walk away."


If you are hereby emboldened to try Colin's approach, note that the technique needs to be deployed with appropriate warmth and congeniality.

"What has to go with it is being a nice and decent person," says Colin. "When you say ‘It’s been nice talking to you,’ you should probably mean it, and you should communicate that with your eyes and your smile and all that stuff. If you do that, then I think it’s okay."

Read the rest

Hackers begin to release Ashely Madison users' personal data

Hackers seeking to bring down undercover dating website Ashely Madison have released personal data for two of its anonymous, affair-seeking users. Read the rest

Watermelon carving taken to the next level

Pumpkins blush with shame when they watch this video. [h/t Richard]

Read the rest

Jet passengers cooperate to tie-up drunken, disruptive jackass

When a drunk man on Siberia Airlines Flight 546 from Hong Kong to Vladivostok began loudly insulting other passengers, a group of men knocked him to the ground and tied him up with seat belts and tape.

According to news reports he repeatedly threatened and lunged at a female flight attendant and slapped another passenger. He also "walked down the aisle randomly pointing at strangers and telling them he’d kill them."

He was greeted by cheerful police when the planed landed in Vladivostok.

Read the rest

Cheap set of jeweler's precision screwdrivers

When I need to tighten my glasses, or put batteries in a children's toy, I can never find a tiny screwdriver. This $2 set is a steal!

With No.1 and 0 phillips heads, 3mm, 2.4mm, 1.8mm and 1.4mm flat head screwdrivers this kit has me covered. I actually ordered two, one I keep on my desk and the other in my tool bag.

If I make sure to put them back in the plastic case, I may not lose them.

Darice Precision Screwdriver Set via Amazon Read the rest

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