Kickstarting an omnibus of seminal punk zine BLT

It's been 25 years since the zine BLT started, the early intersection of punk and and desktop publishing.

Amelia G, created BLT in a DC punk group house called Cambodia, named for the Dead Kennedys song. She's putting together the 400-page omnibus, collecting every issue, and her stretch goal is brand-new issues of the zine.

The backer rewards ($25) include some bad-ass new BLT tees, too. $42 gets you a print copy of the book.

One of my favorite parts of doing BLT (besides doing dramatic readings of hate mail, in my living room, with my unsavory pals) is definitely giving away free copies at events. We started off printing 500 copies of each issue and that eventually grew to 3000. A new BLT was generally created each time the crew was going to a special event. Over time, this has meant CastleCon, EveCon, BaltiCon, Phenomicon, DragonCon, and of course Cambodia and Hollowpoint house parties. Freebie copies of each issue were also given away at cool boutiques including Smash, Commander Salamander, Night Dreams, Shrine, and Retail Slut and clubs including The 9:30 (before it was at the WUST Music Hall location), dc space, Trax, The Roxy, and Helter Skelter. Yes, the BLT crew are dorks, but we're snappily-dressed dorks with bad attitudes and good taste in music ;-)

BLT Punk Humor Book 25 Year Black Leather Times Zine Omnibus [Amelia G/Kickstarter]