Being followed? Here's how to shake your tail

At Hopes&Fears, Kristen Felicetti has tips from private dicks on how to lose someone who is following you, in a car, on foot, and on public transportation.


Tyler Maroney, a partner and private investigator at Quest Research and Investigations, told us, "Find a Starbucks or another retail business with an all-glass facade and two entrances. Grab a seat near the entrance facing out." Camping in such a public location will give you a good view of all your surroundings and will not allow anyone to be near you for too long without arousing suspicion.

If you're being followed in a busy city area, Maroney also advises using a spinning or revolving door in a commercial building. Pretend to enter the building by using the revolving doors, but actually circle all the way around and out again. The person following will get thrown off by this action and, therefore, stuck in the building. While your tail has to wait to go through the revolving doors again, you've gotten enough lead to walk outside and out of sight. This only works if you are being "rough shadowed," a private investigations industry term that means following someone at close range with the intent of being noticed.

"How to shake someone who's tailing you"