“Pixels” movie is sexist pile of crap


You don't need the Bechdel test to call this movie a boy's club dud.

Two of the limited female characters in “Pixels” have no dialogue, and have sex with a male lead.

There are token women in Pixels, as there are in nearly every expensive movie, most notably in the largely humorless military character played by Michelle Monaghan, whose reward for being the most competent person in the film is a make out with Sandler. But Monaghan, who has plenty of experience being excellent in thankless roles, may as well be Katniss Everdeen compared with the treatment of most of the other women in the film. Particularly two—one of them, bizarrely, Martha Stewart—who have zero lines of dialogue but still wind up having sex with one of the male leads.

Pixels brought retrograde sexism to the box office, and failed. Let it be the end of an era.” [Vanity Fair]

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