Touching someone's heart isn't easy in Tough Love Machine


Figuring out how to connect with another human being is often a puzzle. In Tough Love Machine, bringing two hearts together is complicated business; you control two arms trying to help those pulsing symbols of human affection come together, as the inexorable force of gravity tries to separate them forever.

In the game, as in love, there is no undo button, and your arms—perhaps like your finite capacity for love—can only reach so far. But if you do manage to unite the hearts, you;ll get to see the screen erupt in a joyous checkerboard of color, at least for the brief moment before the next challenge begins.

This emotion-themed puzzler was created by Andrew Morrish, who also made Super Puzzle Platformer and The Heart Is Safe, a game about a character who wears his heart on his sleeve and has to avoid getting hurt.

Tough Love Machine is currently pay-what-you-what on, or playable on Kongregate.