UK restricts dissident artist Ai Weiwei's stay over his “criminal record” in China

The artist is scheduled to be in the UK in September for a big exhibition at London's Royal Academy of Arts.

Lion-killing dentist emails his patients, shows little remorse

A person who claims to be a patient of the dentist charged with killing Zimbabwe's favorite lion shares an email said to be from Walter J. Palmer himself, to patients.

LA auto dealer beats Donald Trump piñata on TV spot

This TV spot for an Los Angeles auto dealer stars a couple of guys beating a Donald Trump piñata to a pulp (or a pulpier version of pulp).

From Auto News:

The video spot by Van Nuys Nissan features a piñata marketed as a “Donald Trump piñata,” complete with yellow hair and a business suit. The Trumpudo piñata has become a novelty and symbol of protest and outrage in Hispanic communities after Trump's comments.

After store managers hit the piñata, Van Nuys General Sales Manager Martin Cuevas declares, Aqui en Van Nuys Nissan, los Latinos mandan. (Translation: “Here at Van Nuys Nissan, Latinos rule.”)

Nissan North America released the following statement about the TV spot:

“We find these advertisements to be neither responsible or respectful, and we do not condone what they represent. We expect our dealers to establish advertising that is responsible and respectful and represents the best interest of the Nissan brand.”

Nissan added that it “respects the right of both individuals and private businesses to practice free speech in a responsible and respectful manner.”

(Thanks, Todd!)

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Irotoridori is soduku using colored chicks instead of numbers

Irotoridori, described as a “color palette puzzle” on the box, is a sudoku board game where the numbers have been replaced with colors. It uses sturdy, plastic bird shaped paint drops and a board shaped like an artist’s palette to add a physical dimension to a brain game. It’s great for solo play or for small groups; I’ve found that while it is safe for elementary school children, it’s middle school ages and up that really enjoy the game.

Inside the Irotoridori box, you’ll find 81 birds, nine of nine colors each, a clip for picking up the birds that looks like a tube of paint, and the board itself. The birds are bright, solid plastic, and have numbers imprinted on the back, just in case you’d like to add a level of difficulty to your game. Along with these game pieces, there is a booklet with 24 puzzles and solutions.

Although the instructions are written entirely in Japanese, if you can play Sudoku (and you can) then you’ll understand this set easily enough. (For anyone who may not be familiar, sudoku is a puzzle system where the goal is to arrange groups of numbers such that there are no repeating numbers in any row, column, or square. Like many puzzles, it is easy to learn to play but becoming a master takes a lifetime.) The printed puzzle booklet uses pictures to show each layout and solution. For those who want the challenge, the Japanese printed inside the box is written at a grade school level with furigana over the kanji to aid in pronunciation and meaning! Read the rest

Meowijuana Catnip Buds

One of life's simple pleasures is watching your kitties get blissed out on catnip. Most store-bought catnip is ditchweed, though. If you really want your cat to pretend to love you, give her 100% organic Meowijuana Catnip Buds available on Amazon.

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Touching someone's heart isn't easy in Tough Love Machine

Figuring out how to connect with another human being is often a puzzle.

Breaking Bad fans, Jesse Pinkman's house is for sale: $1.6 million

"Meth lab not included."

10 videos of drunk people trying to eat sandwiches

Life can be difficult when you are drunk. And sandwiches are life.

Cop who killed Samuel DuBose during traffic stop has been indicted for murder

A grand jury indicted University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing on a murder charge for fatally shooting Samuel DuBose in the head during a traffic stop.

“This is the most asinine act I've ever seen. This does not happen in the United States,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

From the New York Daily News:

Tensing shot and killed Samuel DuBose on July 19 after the officer pulled him over near the university campus for a missing front license plate.

In a police report, Tensing said he was “dragged” by DuBose, forcing him to shoot.

But Deters said video from the stop showed no such thing: instead DuBose slowly pulled away from the stop, and Tensing "fell backward after he shot (DuBose) in the head," the prosecutor said.

Tensing "purposely killed" DuBose, Deters said, adding that the cop "should have never been a police officer."

The video of the shooting was released to the public just a few minutes ago. Read the rest

What happens when your virtual pets die?

GHOSTZ, nested in sincere reflections on the virtual pet heyday of the 1990s, imagines caring for a digital pet's ghost. This can include offering it a bone from its former form ("DISRESPECTFUL") or punishing it with holy water.

Wedding dance knockout video, now with UFC commentary

TO THE FACE! Read the rest

New DEA head: Marijuana "probably not" as dangerous as heroin

Chuck Rosenberg, the new acting administrator of the US Drug Enforcement Administration: “If you want me to say that marijuana’s not dangerous, I’m not going to say that because I think it is. Do I think it’s as dangerous as heroin? Read the rest

Sloth only wants carrots

Food preferences exist in many species.

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Watch this guy solve a 7x7 Rubik's cube in record-breaking time

Australian speedsolver Feliks Zemdegs beat the existing world record.

Former Navy Seal says CIA operatives turned on him because he is gay

Brett Jones, a former Navy Seal and an openly gay member of the CIA’s paramilitary Global Response Staff (GRS), told ABC News that other staff members harassed him so much that he feared for his life. Read the rest

Avoid your job in this pleasantly oddball game

The objective of NEVER GO TO WORK is in its title: Your alarm goes off just after 6 AM, and it's time to get to the office. Except arriving there ends the game, and you don't really want to go to work, anyway.

You are Agenesia, disgruntled and harboring a crush on your unreliable bus driver, and your meandering takes you all over town. Anything can go wrong: I was killed by ghosts on a mini golf course, and found myself inexplicably on a riverboat. I wanted to go to the strip club, but it was closed. I kind of like the gritty caprice of Agenesia's world: The rough textures of the graphical interface, the not knowing what to expect—is my intentional avoidance of efficient bus routes going to make my lateness to work sprawl wonderfully on the digital clock before me, or will I accidentally stumble into a game-over?

Some of the opacity doesn't serve the experience though, something I don't mind saying as developer Rani Baker (who also made this buggy but nifty nostalgic rebuild of Demon's Forge, the kind of Apple IIe game that I'm weird enough to still be excited about) is still taking feedback toward a final version of the game. I have a pack of cigarettes in my inventory slot, but while clicking it sometimes takes me to a wonderful neon ritual site, at other times it gets me stuck in an endless loop. I'm not sure what it's for. I enjoy the tension between needing to keep moving and not wanting to arrive at work, but while the collage of unpredictable moments feels creative and cool, at times I wish there were a little more for me to do. Read the rest

A thing that is real: “Great Job! Poop Emoji Dog Poop Bags”

You did it! You! The hero!

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