Watch: Gary Whitta working with artist Karl Lindberg to create some concept art for Abomination

Here's a video interview of Gary Whitta working with artist Karl Lindberg from Industrial Light & Magic to create some concept art to accompany his debut novel, Abomination.

From Gary Whitta, the award-winning screenwriter of The Book of Eli and the upcoming standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, comes Abomination.

Part historical fantasy and part horror novel, Abomination is set during the reign of King Alfred the Great. As England struggles to defend itself from hordes of Viking invaders, the Archbishop of Canterbury stumbles upon an ancient secret – a dark and mysterious magic that could turn the tide of the war in England's favor.

But when exposure to the magic corrupts the Archbishop, Alfred commands his greatest knight, Sir Wulfric, to hunt the mad priest down, unleashing horror that spans generations.


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