That time Donald Trump was elected Mayor of London

Twice now, Londoners have gone to the polls and, for a laugh, voted in "a supposed politician with comedy hair and the manners of a rapey clown."

It wasn't Trump, of course, it was Boris Johnson. But the parallels are terrible and frightening.

From Warren Ellis:

A lot of people voted for Boris Johnson because they thought it was funny. Ken was obviously going to win, so they voted for the comedy candidate, to have a funny story to tell in the office the next day. Imagine everyone's surprise when more than half the city came into work with the same funny story.

Even London cabbies are today heard to say that they regret the day Ken left the mayor's office.

So that's how that happens. If, by some fluke of luck, Trump reaches a point where people have to cast votes, the Boris Johnson Effect may cause some regrets.

(By "regrets" I obviously mean Armageddon.)

Donald Trump And The Boris Johnson Effect
[Warren Ellis]

(Images: Boris Johnson prepares to ring the NASDAQ opening bell, Think London, CC-BY; Donald Trump at a press conference, David Shankbone, CC-BY-SA)