Another day, another movie theater shooter in America: Nashville Edition. Open Thread.


A shooter who entered a movie theater in Nashville during a "Mad Max" showing is reported to have died at the scene.

A man armed with a gun and a hatchet is reported to have fired shots at the Carmike 8 Cinemas in Antioch, Tennessee today. The Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed the suspected gunman had been killed.

Local authorities said in a short press conference that the man had a gun, a hatchet, and two backpacks, both of which are being investigated.

The movie playing at the time was "Mad Max: Fury Road," according to Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Hickory Hollow Cinemas not looking Good this afternoon. Looks like a war zone. Cops with raffles

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Local fire department, police and ambulances reported to the scene just before 2PM Eastern. A witness told local NBC affiliate WSMV that one person was covered in blood.

Mass killings in movie theaters are now a thing in America.
The trend suggests the copycat killer effect is in full effect.

Less than a month ago, on July 23, a man opened fire inside a movie theater in Lafayette, LA. He killed two and injured eight others before killing himself. Police say the 58-year-old carried a handgun and acted alone.


Also this week, the trial of James Holmes is finishing up. In 2012, he shot dozens of innocents inside a movie theater in Aurora, CO. He killed 12, and injured 70. It was among the largest mass shootings in America, ever. A jury found Holmes guilty. His sentencing trial is under way today. He may receive the death penalty.

America: What the fuck?

Boing Boing community, I am interested in hearing if you have anything new to say. Why does this keep repeating over and over?

Aurora. Lafayette. Nashville. We are all fatigued by the almost identical repeated horrors, and yet nothing has changed.