Try your hand at the hilariously bleak job market in this Earthbound-like game


Knuckle Sandwich is an upcoming RPG by Melbourne-based Andrew Brophy, and Tarantula is a sort of mini preview-episode that's full of chart and harm. Um, heart and charm! It uses stylistic influences from the beloved Earthbound games to form the spine of a wonderfully-absurd adventure about a luckless young man in search of a job.

Brophy calls Knuckle Sandwich is "an RPG thing based on my teen years and all the terrible jobs I had." Tarantula is about the search for those jobs, bringing you on a friendly bus trip to an assembly-line job center that conceals a depressing game show theatre at the back—but you should really see it for yourself.


The art is wonderful, familiar and refreshing simultaneously, and the music, from artists like Sun Stains, Mushbuh and others, really stands out.


A free demo of Tarantula will be imminent. Learn more about the full game, Knuckle Sandwich, here.