How posterity will remember this decade

Warren Ellis: "We saw the best minds of our generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves after an Uber that isn’t actually there because Uber fake most of those little cars you see on the Uber app map." Read the rest

Reddit bans Coontown and associated racist subreddits

Bravo, Reddit! After so much hogwash about letting it stay on principle, they finally woke up. The problem for Reddit was simple: every ad dollar spent there subsidized a white supremacist community that was getting uncomfortably prominent. It had to go. And it won't be the last. Read the rest

If famous movie characters were black

How would movies like Gone Girl, Back to the Future, Juno, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Forrest Gump, Silence of the Lambs, and Superman have been different if the main characters had been black? Ryan Hunter shows us in a short video he directed for MTV Other.

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Infamous Kirk vs Gorn scene made funnier with squeaky rubber suit sound f/x

The epic fist fight between Captain Kirk and a man in a lizard suit was a low water mark for Star Trek. Mario Wienerroither made it even worse (and therefore much better) by removing the music and adding squeaky rubber suit sound effects.

(Thanks, Matthew!)

Another fine piece of work from Wienerroither:

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David Byrne explains the streaming music ripoff

Artists are taking home pennies for millions of plays and no one -- not the labels, not the distributors, and not the streaming companies -- will disclose the way that streaming music royalties are calculated. Read the rest

A wall to keep the burners out

An idea that has been bandied about the Bay Area for years, building a wall to keep the homogenized "burners" out post "Bman," has been depicted in kickstarter parody form. Enjoy. Read the rest

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren rescues Planned Parenthood, excoriates misogynist GOP creeps

Elizabeth Warren for President. (via Seanan McGuire) Read the rest

Incredibly useful headmount magnifier for $(removed)

Splinter removal, painting, soldering, building models, inspecting your kids' heads for lice, jewelry repair. I've used my LED illuminated headmounted magnifier at least twice a month for several years. It might be the best $(removed) I've ever spent. Read the rest

You are a blind cat just trying to find your way home

Wanderment is like every other platform game you've ever played, except that you're a cat, and you're blind, and the world around you is comprised of shimmering fragments of sound.

Reddit's new content policy goes into effect, many horrible subreddits banned or quarantined

People who use those forums are predictably upset.

Cops who stole and gobbled weed candy complain that security camera violated their privacy

Remember those militarized cops who raided a California medical marijuana dispensary, harassed a disabled patient in the store, and were recorded on a security camera gobbling what was almost certainly marijuana-infused edibles that they swiped during the raid? Well, those cops are under investigation, and are trying to get off the hook by claiming that the security camera violated their right to be bullying, hypocritical asshats without be recorded on video.

From The Daily Beast:

As brazen as the apparent behavior of officers that day is the argument being made by their lawyers. The three unidentified officers and their union are attempting to suppress the video’s use in ongoing disciplinary action against them by the city and police department.

In a lawsuit, the Santa Ana Police Officers Association and the three police officers argue that the video does not paint a fair version of events, and that it should not be allowed as evidence because the police had a reasonable expectation of privacy since they thought they had disabled all of the dispensary’s cameras.

“We believe that under California law, if you are being recorded, or eavesdropped on – which is the legal term for it – without your knowledge or consent, that it is illegal,” Corey Glave, the attorney representing the SAPOA and the three officers, told The Daily Beast. “Upon the direction of supervisors, all the cameras were disabled, so once those cameras were disabled, there was no expectation that there were any other cameras or that they were being recorded.”

There are signs all over Sky High saying that the premises is being recorded by video cameras, and not just clearly visible cameras.

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Another day, another movie theater shooter in America: Nashville Edition. Open Thread.

The shooter is reported to have died at the scene. America: What the fuck?

Germany's top prosecutor fired for bringing "treason" charge against Netzpolitik

Harald Range was due to retire this year, but he was fired first when he refused to end his ridiculous treason witch hunt against Netzpolitik, who published revelations from the Snowden docs. Read the rest

Stabilized version of famous Bigfoot video allows you to see mystery creature more clearly

The Patterson–Gimlin film, shot in the late 1960s, purports to show a female Bigfoot taking a stroll through the woods near Orleans, California. Read the rest

AboveTEK's crazy useful smart phone stand

A Gumby-style bendable cable mated to an iPhone grip, and a clip that can affix nearly anywhere, make this stand super useful! Read the rest

Journalists around the world voice support for Netzpolitik after outrageous 'treason' investigation

Reporters and press freedom advocates from around the world have signed on to support Netzpolitik and condemn the German government's outrageous investigation.

Bubble nails look like marbles attached to finger tips

I love bubble nails!

From Cosmopolitan:

The technique, also referred to as "curve nails" or "hump nails," is achieved by building up acrylic in the center of the nail and thinning it out around the edges to create the round shape, as demonstrated in the video below: Read the rest

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