/ Sword and Laser / 8 am Thu, Aug 6 2015
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  • Why you should welcome the robots

    Why you should welcome the robots

    Tom and Veronica talk to J-F Dubeau, author of 'The Life Engineered,' about why we should build more robots.

    Also today: a report back from Nerdtacular 2015, and the good news of more Game of Thrones coming to TV!

    Recorded before a live studio of nerds, and thanks to Jeff Cannata of We Have Concerns for joining in!

    The Sword and Laser (S&L) is a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The main goal of the club is to build a strong online community of science fiction / fantasy buffs, and to discuss and enjoy books of both genres. For show notes and previous episodes, head here. You can also help support us on Patreon!