John McAfee arrested, charged with DUI and gun offenses

The antivirus entrepreneur, who went on the lam in Belize when wanted for questioning about a murder there, has finally found his way behind bars under less romantic circumstances.

Maranda Faris, The Jackson Sun:

John McAfee was arrested Sunday night by Tennessee Highway Patrol in Henderson County, according to Sheriff Brian Duke. Duke said McAfee was charged with driving under the influence and possession of a handgun while intoxicated. He has been released from Henderson County custody.

Gawker's Sam Biddle found the gentleman rambling on Facebook after his release. McAfee claims he didn't know what Xanax does, jokes about there having been a shootout, and publishes a phone number that he claims is his arresting officer's.

I just got a new prescription for Xanax and one pill felt good. Two seemed better. The shootout was nothing remarkable. No-one was hit.… Yes, I was arrested while under the influence of Xanax. It was a brand new prescription received the same day of the arrest (see photo) and the physician neglected to warn me about driving while taking it. As to the weapons, I always carry them and, unless one is impaired, they are legal to possess and carry.

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