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Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder: Show and Tell

One of the events I'm most looking forward to at our upcoming Weekend of Wonder event is Show and Tell! Bring something to share! Something you treasure! Something you've made! Or just something you think will entertain the group!

We know that Boing Boing events usually attract engaged, creative folk who are every bit as expert and interesting as our presenters, so we wanted to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share! If you've designed it, built it, collected it, or just love it -- bring something with you that'll fascinate us all!

Every attendee who brings something they deem cool will have a few minutes to describe, or demonstrate, their THING to the group.

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I'll be bringing my Curta Type 2 mechanical calculator. This stellar piece of history is the crown jewel in my collection of antique calculation and computation devices. I'll try to quickly tell its amazing story, and then pass the calculator around for folks to play with.

In addition to sharing cool stuff with awesome people, the Weekend of Wonder is packed with incredible presentations, workshops and group activities. For three days Happy Mutants are taking over a fantastic resort we have already visited and fallen in love with. You will too. So come play with us!

Register here to join us at Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder.

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