Cheap DIY gadget can open most keyless car doors, garages


RollJam costs $32 to make and will get you in. Andy Greenberg profiles the cute wireless widget and its creator, Samy Kamkar, who announced it at this year's DefCon hacker conference.

RollJam, as Kamkar describes it, is meant to be hidden on or near a target vehicle or garage, where it lies in wait for an unsuspecting victim to use his or her key fob within radio range. The victim will notice only that his or her key fob doesn't work on the first try. But after a second, successful button press locks or unlocks a car or garage door, the RollJam attacker can return at any time to retrieve the device, press a small button on it, and replay an intercepted code from the victim's fob to open that car or garage again at will. "Every garage that has a wireless remote, and virtually every car that has a wireless key can be broken into," says Kamkar

Remember that this represents the point where an established technique has become cheap and easy to use, a consumer product. Criminals and authorities have long availed themselves of the sheer awfulness of most hardware security. Previously. [via Gizmodo]