Why Ziya Tong likes the CocoJack


The most recent guest on the Cool Tools Show (hosted by Kevin Kelly and me) is Ziya Tong, host and producer of the television program Daily Planet, Canada's daily science show, which airs on Discovery Canada. Before that, Ziya was host and field producer for Wired Science, produced in conjunction with Wired Magazine and NOVA ScienceNOW on PBS. She is on the board of WWF Canada and the founder of Black Sheep. She's a fan of the CocoJack coconut opening tool, which you can read about below.

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Show Notes:

Coco-Jack Coconut Opener $(removed) "You put it just right on the coconut, whack it a couple times with the mallet, and then you just give it a little leverage with your wrist, and it pops open the cap of the coconut."

CyborgUnplug $(removed) "These days, we know that there are 21st century peeping toms everywhere. I'm sure you guys have heard about that Russian site that basically captures web cam feeds. There's webcammers and smoke detectors that are spying on women in bathrooms. In places like Vancouver, there's drones that are just flying right alongside this residential skyscrapers and filming inside…The Cyborg Unplug is this genius little plug that…detects any sort of WiFi frequency from any of these devices that you don't want near you whether Google Glass or whether it's a spying drone, it kills the video feed."

SeaChoice App Free "Of course seafood is a big menu item for many people…With seafood, what we don't realize is more often than not, quite often, we're actually eating endangered species or threatened species and it's something nobody registers. The SeaChoice app is super cool because…it's got this lights on it, red, green, and orange. It's a little bit like a traffic light signal."

E-Cloth $(removed) "This cloth is just made with a really high density of microfibers. It's got something like over a million per inch. It sweeps up all the bacteria. Instead of washing my hands now and using 50,000 paper towels, I just use this simple invention and it works perfectly."

Microfiber Towel $(removed) "We don't tend to think of a cloth as a high tech cool tool. If you were to look at one of these things under a microscope, it would probably be like a phenomenal thing to see because you would see all these millions of fibers and then you would see all this life that was actually trapped inside of it."