Helping Johnny Remember: creepy video remixed from '60s PSAs

In 2005 Xeni wrote about this Ashleigh Nankivell's Helping Johnny Remember, a "fabulously creepy remix short, sliced and diced from an old public domain social guidance PSA and re-animated with AfterEffects."

Night Flight has more about the film here:

The original film short, courtesy of the Prelinger Archives and now in the public domain (it was made in 1956), shows a kid named Johnny who is shunned by the other kids around him because he's bossy, uncooperative, and selfish.

Nankivell — who currently works as an Art Supervisor for "The Bank" at FCB Health but apparently makes lots of cool video projects on the side — – used Adobe's After Effects CS4, a visual effects program, and also added, for the musical soundtrack, a tune called "One Never Says 'Verbal' When Ones Means 'Oral'" by Good Old Neon, the trans-Atlantic (London/NY) computer-based pop project of Michael Philip Smith and Jeff Lee.