'They can't unsee what you have made'

This splendid little bit of artwork by Taylor Orendurff is in tribute to Tom McHenry's Horse Master, a game which, if I were able to pick my top three Twine games, would definitely be in the top three. Maybe top one.

If there is anything whatsoever stopping you from playing Horse Master, dispel it. It's vivid, engrossing and often wonderfully-sickening writing: Impoverished, you risk it all to buy a baby horse, in the hopes you can raise the horse to greatness. Except it's all quite a bit off: You start with an unsettling, slick egg from a place that resembles a car dealership. In its infancy you watch its cilia form in the bathtub of your apartment. You bond emotionally with your gross, frightening animal. The world closes in. It touches you in the weird places of your heart with a story about class struggle; you are both charmed and damp.

I really shouldn't tell you anything else. Just play it. And then definitely share this perfect comic with your friends and follow this rad tumblr for more by the artist.