Rightscorp teams up with lawyers to mass-sue people who ignore blackmail letters

The publicly traded company warned investors that its plan of sending "invoices" to people its sloppy piracy-bots fingered as pirates wasn't working out so well, so now they've found a law firm that'll file bullshit lawsuits against "repeat offenders."

The company had previously run away from litigation when the target was an ISP that might have had the money to stand up to it in a drawn-out court-battle. But individual victims are a lot easier to intimidate, as other copyright trolls have discovered in the past.

Rightscorp just announced a deal with Massachusetts law firm Flynn Wirkus Young to mass-file suits against "repeat offenders," and said it had filed a number of suits already.

Flynn Wirkus Young attorney Jordan Rushie informs TF that piracy is a huge problem for the entertainment industry. Even though there are plenty of legal options many people continue to pirate.

"It's baffling to us that people still steal copyrighted content off the internet, given how easily available it is from places like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon.com," Rushie tells us.

According to Rushie, Rightscorp's notices have some effect. However, some of the most egregious copyright infringers need an extra push.

"Unfortunately, there are repeat infringers who do not get the message, even after Rightscorp sends them notices. They receive hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of notices from Rightscorp."

"We have found that the only way to deter some of the most notorious infringers is through litigation," Rushie adds.

Rightscorp Deal Turns DMCA Notices Into Piracy Lawsuits [Ernesto/Torrentfreak]