Former Florida cop fired for KKK ties got a new job working in a Florida elementary school

David Borst is now out of a job.

David Borst is now out of a job.

"The South's gonna do it again," Klansmen in the South who are bitter over losing the War of Northern Aggression are fond of saying.

But Florida just keeps doing it again and again and again–it's like the Civil War and the last 200 years of progress against racism never happened.

A Florida deputy police chief who was fired when the FBI reported he was active in the KKK has been found working in a FL elementary school. Parents at the school are understandably angry.

David Borst resigned as Fruitland Park deputy police chief last July after being identified by the FBI as being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Another officer in his department, George Hunnewell, was fired for the same.

Last week, he turned up at a local elementary school. That didn't last long.

Last year, Borst and Fruitland Park police Cpl. George Hunnewell were named by FBI informants as members of the KKK.

Borst resigned from the department and Hunnewell was fired. Isaac said she was concerned when she learned Borst worked in food service. "You never know what he could say," she said.

"I will be checking at this point to make sure he's gone and not coming back. First thing in the morning, I think I'll be in that office," Verges said.

Even though Borst is gone after only three days' work at the school, parents said they want to know how he got hired in the first place.

Last year Borst and Hunnewell were sacked as a result of an FBI investigation whose primary source was someone who linked both officers to the KKK.

The FBI found no criminal wrongdoing, or evidence that other officers were involved with the Klan.

Bottom line: In Florida, you can be an active duty police officer or, heck, you can even be that guy's boss, while also being an active member of a white supremacist terrorist organization founded in 1865 by a group of Confederate war vets who would prefer that people who are not white be dead, or at least well-contained like animals.

And in Florida, you can be fired when people find that out, but still squeeze through background checks and get hired to work at an elementary school.

"Parents upset after former Fruitland Park cop ID'd as KKK member hired at school." []