Man sues "Throwed Rolls" restaurant after being injured by thrown roll


Pastor Troy Tucker is suing Ozark, Missouri's Lambert's Cafe, billed as the "Home of Throwed Rolls," after a flying roll allegedly hit her in the eye and lacerated her cornea.

From Fox 2 Now:

(Attorney William Meehan) says Tucker sought his help after Lambert`s insurance company stonewalled his client, who wanted to be reimbursed for $6000 in medical bills she ran up because the accident also loosened her retina.

The lawsuit, filed in Scott County initially seeks $25,000, which is the jurisdictional limit, but William Meehan plans to ask for more.

And he thinks he has a good chance he can get it because he says Lambert`s has been sued for this sort of thing before.

'The first time they`ll say, `oh we didn`t know about it,` but after it happens more than once you are on notice that this is a practice that could result in injury,' he said.

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