DEAL: Horizon RC Spy Drone


Prepare to perform daring aerial stunts with the Horizon RC Spy Drone ($89.95), a quadcopter like you've never flow before. Seamlessly enter flip stunt mode to execute complex maneuvers in mid-air, and simultaneously record your adventures with the high-quality integrated camera. This cutting-edge drone will have you tearing up the skies in no time.

  • Cartwheel through the air like a stunt pilot
  • Enter flip stunt mode to execute acrobatic 360° stunts
  • Change up your flight speed w/ 3 control settings
  • Capture aerial photos & videos
  • Upload footage w/ the micro SD card & USB micro SD card reader
  • View valuable flight data on the LCD interface
  • Smoothly maneuver using an easy-to-control transmitter
  • Fly in any direction using 3D flight capabilities