Dismaland: Banksy's (?) swipe at Disneyland

Hugh writes, "The whisper is that Banksy is involved in the staging of some sort of pop-up show/exhibition/thing called Dismaland — apparently a swipe at Disneyland.

Banksy and his people are saying nothing. But a structure somewhat resembling Disney's fairy castle can be seen by the picnickers on Weston's sands – though it looks just a little bit more sinister, even as if it may have sustained some sort of fire damage.

Not far from it, a giant version of a seaside windmill – the sort that has delighted young visitors to bucket-and-spade resorts like this for generations – looms large. "I want one of them," one young promenader told her mum.

Andrea Waterson and her friend Michelle Galliott had been planning to visit Weston anyway, tempted by an optimistic weather forecast. But they had ventured far from the pier and chip shops, lured by the Banksy whispers. "We wouldn't normally have come to this part of the seafront," said Waterson. "But we'd heard this was here and decided to have a look."

Banksy fans flock to Weston-super-Mare after Dismaland show rumours [Steven Morris/Guardian]