Convert your face into emoji


Like most humans with a smartphone and a sense of joie de vivre, I enjoy peppering my communications liberally with emoji. But until today, I could not actually be emoji. All that has changed, thanks to the Emoji Mosaic tool created by Eric Andrew Lewis.

Just upload a photo—any photo—and it will soon be reformulated as a color-appropriate composite of smiley faces, pig noses, and sentient poops. Lewis, who is also a web developer for The New York Times, posted a striking emoji mosaic of the album cover for Bjork's Post, wherein her face is primarily made up largely of Narutomaki fish cakes.

Part of the fun of the Emoji Mosaic is zooming waaaay in, and seeing exactly which weird symbols have been substituted for your face. I have learned, for example, that the depths of my eyes contain not my soul, but rather a series of tiny little octopuses and pictures of rollercoasters. This knowledge will haunt my dreams.


Try the Emoji Mosaic for yourself here.