Gallery of deserted Chinese amusement parks

China's exuberant, weird, terrible and brilliant amusement parks sprang up like mushrooms after the Deng reforms, and now many of them have fallen on hard times — even as Disney makes ready to open Disneyland Shanghai.

Stefanio Cerio is a brilliant photographer of abandoned places and things who made a name for himself shooting rotting cruise liners and empty ski resorts. Now he presents a gallery of images from Happy Valley to Amazing World and Treasure Island Pirate Kingdom — some abandoned and some merely shuttered for the off-season.

The pictures come from Chinese Fun, Cerio's new book of absurdist images from China's deserted places.

Chinese Fun [Stefanio Cerio/Hatje Cantz]

China's deserted amusement parks – in pictures [Stefanio Cerio/The Guardian]

(via Super Punch)