The simplest kite I could find: the EO Atom

I have a fairly large and ever growing collection of kites. This is the easiest to fly, never fail to have a good time, anyone can fly it kite you've been looking for.

The EO Atom is a great first airship for a kid, or someone who just wants to fly a simple, neat looking kite in most wind conditions. The Atom pops open, assembled. You can get it in the air with a very slight breeze, there is no running, dragging the kite along.

A child can hold on to this kite with ease. Light tugs on the single line will cause it to tumble and roll, giving you a playful object to goof around with in the sky, rather than a giant replica Hawker Hurricane that requires a flight crew to get aloft. The Atom is also tiny and easy to just leave in a car or backpack, so you have it handy if you want it.

Prism EO Atom Box Kite via Amazon