Man arrested after trying to walk out of store with PlayStation 4 in pants


Sony's game console comes in a box 19 inches long, 13 inches wide, and just over 4 inches thick. It does not fit in your pants, as Floridian Christopher Caldwell learned to his dismay.

A security guard at a Port St. Lucie Walmart told police that he saw Caldwell, 36, not only "sticking the PlayStation 4 in his pants" but stuffing in accessories, too. When he left the store without paying for the gear, he was stopped. Mr. Caldwell now faces a charge of felony grand theft.

Will Greenlee of the St. Lucie News-Tribune explains what sort of pants might be able to contain the 10-pound retail package, or even merely the 6.17-pound console itself.

Pants fitting that description include so-called Hammer pants, which are strikingly generous in the thigh/crotch area and were popularized by the 1990s rapper M.C. Hammer (real name Stanley Kirk Burrell).

Harem pants, often worn by belly dancers, also fit the bill. A November 2012 article in "Vanity Fair" talks of Justin Beiber's affinity for harem pants and describes them as "a supremely unflattering style of trousers that droop above the knee like an oversize diaper before tapering down to the ankle."