Hamas claims Israel is using dolphins as spies

According to an article in the Palestinian daily al-Quds, Israel has "recruited a watery pet, the dolphin, known for his friendship with humans, to use for operations to kill Qassam Brigade Naval Commandos."

The article reports that Hamas's Qassam operatives found surveillance devices on a dolphin's back.

"The Israeli security apparatus took advantage of dolphins' love for humans, and how the animals like to play with people on the water, or in the depths of the sea, to reach members of the Qassam's marine unit," the article read.


True or not, numerous animals, including dolphins, have indeed been trained as operatives by intelligence organizations throughout history. Just check out the book "Animals in the Military: From Hannibal's Elephants to the Dolphins of the U.S. Navy," by John M. Kistler.