Howard the Duck

Naturally the DVD for this incredible, baffling movie is only $6.48!

Honestly, things don't get much weirder. Howard is reading a risqué magazine back on his homeworld of Duckworld, when a janitor's inter dimensional transportation device rips him from his home and takes him to Cleveland. Howard hooks up with Lea Thompson, playing a cute rocker who kicks a lot of butt, and saves the Earth from the Dark Lord of the Universe, played by Jeffrey Jones.

This movie was a famous disaster at its release, but just the other day I asked my 8 year old if she wanted to see a movie about a quack-fu practicing, rock and roll duck and she said "interesting." Perhaps I can launch a new generation of fans?

This movie may be responsible for my love of terrible films. I especially love the theme song.

Howard the Duck, Special DVD edition via Amazon