Weekend of Wonder: Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art

Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art

Starting tomorrow the Oceanside Museum of Art plays host to Weekend of Wonder co-creator Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art!

Curated by Bob Self, The Carnival of Astounding Art is am amazing collection of alternative, lowbrow and indie artists! Many of the same talents Baby Tattoo has published over the years. It is truly astounding.

OMA celebrates flair for the theatrical and love of the outrageous in Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art, opening August 22, 2015.

Curated by Bob Self, the exhibition is a spinoff of the Baby Tattoo independent book publishing company, created in 2003 as a path for daredevil artists to share their work with fans of the unusual.

Artists ranging from provocative up-and-comers to legendary masters are part of the Baby Tattoo story. Included in this exhibition are Lowbrow and alternative art pioneers such as Audrey Kawasaki, Coop, Katherine Brannock, Mark Ryden, Michael Whelan, Olivia de Berardinis, Robert Williams, Rolly Crump, Seonna Hong, Thomas Kuntz and dozens more. This surprise-packed exhibition will also include the unveiling of a decade-in-the-making installation by Thomas Kuntz, L.A.-based artist, sculptor, and automata-builder.

Included in the exhibition are thematically dizzying ArtJam paintings – created collaboratively by renowned artists known for Lowbrow, Pop Surrealist, Illustration, Pinup and Outsider Art during annual Baby Tattooville events, as well as rare first editions and collector's editions of illustrated books published by Baby Tattoo since the company's 2003 inception.

For over a decade, SoCal based Baby Tattoo has been publishing high quality books and producing live events with the goal of building a thriving community where creators, collectors and fans of visual wonders can interact as fellow travelers on a fantastic journey into the wildly unexpected.

At the Weekend of Wonder, we'll be converting the catacombs, underneath the Mission Inn, into a stellar gallery to display some not-to-be-missed examples. The OMA exhibition will be running until January 3rd. This is not to be missed!

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