Assemblage under glass

30" tall! By the always-great Roger Wood of Klockwerks, from today's newsletter. Read the rest

Match Head Bomb video: 6000 matches in a blender, shot at at 2500fps

The Slow Mo guys are back at it with an amazing, totally unsafe, possibly illegal homemade pyrotechnics display. Read the rest

Cat who is getting a bath says “no more”

No more. Read the rest

Darren Dutton's weird comedy remix masterpiece: Badgers

A very funny pastoral pastiche, handmade from 100% recycled vintage sound clips.

Impact Team hackers behind Ashley Madison breach: More coming, but we'll spare you the dick pics

"We were in Avid Life Media a long time to understand and get everything,” Impact Team said.

Weekend of Wonder: Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art

Starting tomorrow the Oceanside Museum of Art plays host to Weekend of Wonder co-creator Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art! Read the rest

Make your own TSA universal luggage keys

The image above, published in 2014 in this story and credited to The Washington Post, showed the keying patterns for all of the TSA-complaint "Travel Sentry" luggage locks. Read the rest

Howard the Duck

Naturally the DVD for this incredible, baffling movie is only $6.48! Read the rest

Play the world's largest version of Minesweeper, maybe

In honor of the game's 30th anniversary, you can apply for a chance to clear 38,799 mines from a massive Minesweeper board that stretches across 24 screens—on expert mode.

I use a cheap WiFi laser printer with cheaper 3rd party toner cartridges

I stopped using an inkjet printer a couple of years ago because I don't think the prints looked good and the cartridges needed replacing frequently. And I rarely needed color prints anyway. I bought the Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer for $(removed) and have never regretted it. Wireless setup was a breeze. The prints are crisp. It also prints on both sides of a sheet of paper. Best of all, I buy toner cartridges that cost only $(removed) for a 2-pack, and each cartridge lasts for months. The DRM in the printer likes to tell you that a new 3rd party toner is low, but I just wait until the prints look bad then swap in a new a cartridge. Read the rest

Earn 1 cent every 4.5 seconds for turning a crank

Read the rest

Ammunition company is selling shotgun shells designed to shoot drones

Even though it's a federal offense to shoot a drone out of the sky, Snake River sells shotgun shells marketed for that purpose. They admit it's really just "high end goose or turkey load," which doesn't sound as bad ass. Read the rest

Free six-part course on encrypting email and securing your network sessions against snooping

Jeff sez, "Tuts+ has made my six part introduction to PGP encryption, email and networking privacy available to readers for free." Read the rest

1940s women use bizarre robotic exercise equipment

These machines look like they are doing all the work.

Read the rest

Regal promises security-theater bag-searches in America's largest cinema chain

Going to the movies is getting airportified: your knapsacks, bags and purses will be searched on the way in to stop you from carrying in guns that you don't stick in your waistband or in a shoulder-holster. Read the rest

Look at the size of this grizzly bear paw

From West Coast Native News: "This is how big a grizzly bears paw is – by the way, the bear is sedated and about to be tagged."

Lauren Shutt emailed to let me know that the above information is incorrect:

Hi Mark, I wanted to contact you about the photo of a woman holding a grizzly paw.

The bear is not sedated for tagging, it was shot and killed by my brother, Charlie Shutt, outside of Anchorage. The woman you see holding the paw, Brandi Houser, is a friend of the family who was with him when the bear was killed. She posted the photo to her Facebook page, someone copied it onto Reddit, and it's been making the rounds ever since.

She also suppled additional photos:

Read the rest

Judge: City of Inglewood can't use copyright to censor videos of council meetings

Joseph Teixeira doesn't like Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, so he makes Youtube videos featuring City Council meeting footage. Read the rest

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