Anakin is one of the "top baby names" in the U.S.


Granted, by "top" they mean "top 1000," but still: what on Earth are you thinking, parents?

An official list from the SSA sees a wave of parents naming their sons after Luke Skywalker's Sith father. In 2014, Anakin was the 957th most popular name in the U.S. among boys. The list states that 218 babes were born with that name, a number shared with Emmet, Baylor, Judson, and Truman.

Though this might seem like we're losing the future leaders of America to the growing influence of the Sith, Luke is the 28th most popular name — that's 10,431 newborns named Luke last year. Similarly, Leia is the 509th most popular name among girls, which yielded 605 newborns with that name.

The full list is at As of 2014, the top 10 baby names are Emma, Olivia, Noah, Sophia, Liam, Mason, Isabella, Murgatroyd, Jacob and William.