Poop on everyone as a beautiful seagull

"You are a seagull. A beautiful, fragile seagull. You poop uncontrollably. Your purpose is to poop on things." That's the entire introduction to the game Sploot, and it's all you need.

It's surprisingly satisfying to poop on everyone and everything, as I quickly learned. The game allows you experience the world of a charmingly incontinent bird from a first-person perspective, soaring through the skies of a island village, while emitting a endless trail of poop everywhere you go. You need only steer yourself above your chosen target, and the payload will drop itself.

Although all you really see of yourself is your own beak poking out in front of your face, the game provides a small but very satisfying picture-in-picture view as each payload it hits its target, so that you might hear the lamentations of your enemies and see them driven before you.

You gain points by dousing people (especially rich people), houses (especially rich houses) and cars (especially rich cars) with a fecal spray worthy of a garden hose. While it's not always easy to tag the fast-moving vehicles while moving at seagull speed, if you fly in low you can almost always make a very personal deposit with the townsfolk walking around the street.

It's not a complex game, or a complex joke, but it's a fun one—especially for the price of pay-what-you-will. Although originally created for the Oculus Rift by Elijah O'Rear of Renegade Interactive, if you're willing to have a less immersive bird-pooping experience, you can also play Sploot on Windows and Mac.