Tales of the Gold Monkey, another lost tv treasure

Join a former flying tiger, his awesome dog and a Grumman G-21 Goose as he explores the south Pacific, fights Nazis, and has a broken relationship with a pretty singer/spy. This should have been my life, not a one season tv show you've never heard of!

Full of terrible historical problems, horrible misrepresentations of nearly every culture it depicted (except American imperialism,) and a cheerful alcoholic named "Corky," Tales of the Gold Monkey convinced me that I should live a life of adventure! I really loved this series, and then it just disappeared.

Somehow, disgraced flying tiger Jake Cutter, played by Stephen Collins, ends up on the Island of Bora Gora several years before the flying tigers actually existed. With his cooler than cool, and eye-patch wearing, dog Jack and his G-21 Goose, you'd think Jake had it all. Jake's best friend, a more boozy, less Zen version of the Love Bug's Tennessee Steinmetz, also serves as his mechanic and suffers frequent blackouts. Sarah Stickney White, played by the beautiful Caitlyn O'Heaney, is a US secret agent, who frequently draws Jake and Jack into her plans.

Intended to feed people's hunger for more Indiana Jones-style adventure, Tales of the Gold Monkey was short-lived. Created by Donald P. Bellasario, the show has a number of ties and connections to other greats shows, like Magnum P.I., Airwolf and Quantum Leap. Sadly, ratings were not there for this gem.

I think Nemo and I would do well with a G-21 Super Goose.

Tales of the Gold Monkey: The Complete Series via Amazon