Satanic Temple of Detroit celebrates unveiling of Baphomet statue

Members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit celebrated the unveiling of a $100,000, one-ton bronze Baphomet statue on Joseph Campau Avenue, while protestors show their disapproval by standing in the rain and holding up wordy banners. (They had earlier tried to block the doors to prevent people from exercising their freedom of religion but were moved away by authorities.)

Meanwhile, a warm and dry Satanist gave TV reporters a theatrical extemporaneous sermon:

"I'm so excited to see my Lord and Savior represented in such glorious Italian stone do hope his eyes gaze upon me and my allegiance is recognized. …The statue is a symbol for what they advocated the separation of church and state. You can't have one without the other you know, like a mule carts God and the devil. A cloak of shame covers this man and only supreme light wash my body clean but how could that might possibly reach me with a thick clouds of indecency surrounding my poor soul so I carry my wrongdoings on my back like some kind of tormented hiker lost in the hills of misfortune looking desperately for that peak to rescue him from the valley of depraved habitual self pleasuring but again I find nothing except for sweaty devastated loneliness and a thousand judging eyes staring back at me from the cover of a stolen Victoria's Secret catalog. I didn't take your mail Mrs. Pemberton, stop asking me that. Satan's pretty cool!"