Good luck in the D2 playoffs, Emerald City Roller Girls!


Tomorrow, Eugene's scrappy Emerald City All-Stars face off against Chicago's Outfit Roller Derby team at the WFTDA playoff's in Detroit.

Good luck!


The Emerald City Roller Girls' charter team, the Emerald City All Stars, is gearing up to go to Detroit for their game Friday. They're competing in the International Division 2 Playoffs. The ladies are third seed and will be taking on the sixth seed called "Chicago Outfit."

The Roller Girls didn't just skate by other teams to get to the playoffs. It's been a tough season and they've worked hard to earn their place.

"We have trained just nonstop. It's been almost a full year that we've been doing 20 practices a month and it's definitely been earned," said Victoria Vinje, her teammates call her "Psychotic Rage."

In addition to winning their way to the playoffs, the All-Stars lead a recreational league, in which a number of Happy Mutants participate.