Indianapolis launches literacy-promoting "Big Free Libraries"

Chris writes, "Indianapolis has just launched a great new series of art installations intended to promote both art and literacy."

"The Public Collection will act as a sort of artistic big version of the "Little Free Libraries" that have been popping up lately — offering hundreds of books to the general public, including homeless and hospital patients, absolutely free."

The grand opening ceremony was held at the site of yet another art installation, called "Monument"—a huge assembly of bright green Greek-style columns with their own rotating bookshelves built in, and a Mark Twain quote overhead. There were a series of speakers, including the project's coordinators, architects, and even Mayor Ballard. They explained that the project had been inspired by a similar project in New York (it's not clear whether this was another art installation, or just all the Little Free Libraries going around), and they wanted to demonstrate that art was for everyone while at the same time doing something about the imbalance in terms of the availability of books to the community.

The Public Collection: Indianapolis's own 'Big Free Libraries' [Chris Meadows/Teleread]